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Hello! I'm Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán,  New York/Madrid-based architect and educator. Currently, I hold the position of Design Teaching Fellow at the College of Architecture, Art and Planning at Cornell University. As part of my research and practice, I have been committed to the analysis of infrastructural relationships under the canopy of data management and its consequences in the architectural realm. Recently, I was awarded with the Prize of Excellence (Space Group, Seoul, November 2022) for my studies of data civicness and urban possibilities in vertical public connectors in the city of New York. In collaboration with Associate Professor Jesse LeCavalier, I have co-curated a public exhibition and symposium “Common Clouds: Data Centers and the Futures of Public Space” in Berlin (June 2023) addressing the domains of technology intersecting with architectural typologies. In parallel, I investigate museum institutions and inter-cultural dimensions through the lens of politics and history. Recently, I presented the paper “A Phantom Museum?” in the AMPS Congress (Prague, June 2023) following those premises.


I earned a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Cornell University, College of Art, Architecture and Planning in 2022 where I received the award for Outstanding Performance in Architecture at AAP. Previously, I obtain a Master and Bachelor in Architecture from Universidad de Alcala (Madrid, 2017,2016 respectively) with Honors for my M. Arch Thesis. Last year, I held an appointment at Montana State University, teaching desing-studio courses based on the operatable spaces in local typological buildings in Bozeman. In combination with my academic career in the exercise of practice, I collaborate with international and multidisciplinary professionals including my partnership on ACT (Architecture, Construction Technology—young architecture practice) as well as my role of founder and co-editor of Momentum Magazine, a physical publication on sharing architectural manifestos.

My work has been exhibited and published at the Venice Biennale, Chamber of Architecture of Madrid, Spanish Royal Academy at Rome, and Cornell University. 

I currently teach and collaborate with cutting-edge architects and thinkers as Felix Heisel, Michael Jefferson, Imani Day, Catherine Wilmes, Il-Hwan Kim, Jesse LeCavalier, Suzanne Lettieri, Jennifer Newsom. I do competitions, cultural and building projects with Alejandro Carrasco and Angela Molina Calzada.


I have had the honor of collaborating at different scales with James Park, Michael Everts, Suzanne Karczewska, Greg Keeffe, Christopher Livingston, Lily H. Chi, Pablo Sequero, Laura Salazar, Jose Jaraiz, Ricardo Lajara, Luis Laca, Fernando Quesada, Daniel English, Alberto de Jorge, Jaime Lopez Valdes, Cesidio Garcia del Rio, Alejandro Duro, Laura Puchades, Miguel Garcia Jimenez, Maxwell Rodencal, Joseph McGranahan, Allexxus Farley-Thomas, Laura Helena Wurth, Valentina Haro, Jacob Garcia, Jose Luis Uribe and Hector Peldoza.

Research collaborators:
Frank LaPuma (B. Arch, AAP)

Minyu Huang (M. Arch, AAP)





Office B39

Cornell Architecture

921 University Ave,

Ithaca, NY 14853

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