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X Machines X Artifacts

MSU Studio Second Year SOA Eduardo Cilleruelo Teran

Image>Poster, Studio Final.  MSU, Bozeman, Spring 2022. Eduardo Teran.

Image> Studio Final Review. MSU, Bozeman, Spring 2022. Eduardo Teran.

What defines a city? The coursework focused on specific typologies that constitute a base for the infrastructural layer of Bozeman. The Hotel, the Museum and the Grain Elevator are the main three cores of discussion addressed during the semester. The Baxter Hotel, provides a forum where a small vertical city leaves spaces
for expansion and integrating public programs. With a subdivision between programs, including different structures and bodies, the Baxter constitutes a landmark which also brings the idea of subverting the local monument. A building that is aimed for housing, tourism, leisure and private programs is reversed to offer a new forum. The Museum of the Rockies arises as an in-expansion body, with continuous additions and new architectural spaces. The museum is not yet defined and tries to expand its agenda and serving as a potential juxtaposition between Bozeman, Montana State University and the Rocky Mountains. These three layers offer different approaches and systems that are discussed and shaped in non-regular strategies or positions. Finally, the Grain Elevator stands as a useful and commercial business in uncertain ways. The building operates as a machine—with 60’s technology, more like a vertical apparatus—leaving a historical and remarkable footprint in the history of Bozeman. However, the building suffers, and it is highly exposure to the outdoor conditions, building an invisible border between publics and the facility itself. With extraordinary advances in the connection of logistics, the future status is not resolved, where the building may disappear or continue as an operational grain deposit.


Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán



School of Architecture (SOA)
Montana State University

Christopher Livingston

Dalton Jensen
Ellie Usick

Zach George


Mattylin, Biel + Kwasny, jason + Michelson, Bruce + Mitten, Sarah + Parnell, Daisy + Peterson, Lacey + Pilcher, Haley + Ricker, Van + Silverman, Elena + Smart, Tyler + Su, Derek + Yancey, Heather


May, 2023

Image> Video. Studio Intro. MSU, Bozeman, Spring 2022. Eduardo Teran.

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