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Positions MSU SOA Architecture Lecture Series Eduardo Cilleruelo Teran

Image>Poster, "Positions" MSU, Bozeman, Spring 2022. Eduardo Teran.

Lecture Series:

Image> Lecturers' work. 

Positions is a short cycle of online conferences associated with the School of Architecture at Montana State University, and which took place in the Spring Semester of 2023. The purpose of this project was to lay the foundations for new practices and give a voice to three architects who shared with students academic and professional positions. Through an introspective look, Olga Tarasova (KPF, AAP), Andrea Molina (GSAAP, StoreFront) and Hanxi Wang (AAP, UCL) offered unique points of view on the juxtaposition between the humanities and science, where with different perspectives, they shared experiences when developing independent careers that abandon the traditional.


Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán



School of Architecture (SOA)
Montana State University


Olga Tarasanova

Andrea Molina

Hanxi Wang


Spring Semester, 2022

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