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—A Floating Pavilion 

Essential Arquideas Islands of Art Eduardo Cilleruelo Teran

Image> Competition entry board, Eduardo Cilleruelo Teran. 

To contemplate what is standing outside surrounding us. Learning from context. The art, from the greek theatres, was a spectacle combined with nature.There was an union between the scene and background, generating an unique atmosphere. To come back to the essential definition of art, to come back with the maximum impact and the minimum architectural expression.


Being in connection with water in Venice is an experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of urban living. The city's intricate network of canals, bridges, and waterways not only defines its physical landscape but also shapes the rhythm of daily life. Venetians have mastered the art of coexistence with water, transforming it into an integral part of their cultural identity. Navigating the labyrinthine canals on elegant gondolas or vaporettos becomes not just a mode of transportation but a poetic journey through the city's rich history and artistic heritage.

Essential organizes a floating piazza, a visitable landmark which leaves the space for things to happen, to become a ruin in the canal, a single element that seeks to become invisible. 


Eduardo Cilleruelo Teran


Islands of Art, Arquideas


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